The EverDragons are Awakening… the Metaverse is ready!

Emanuele Cesena
2 min readOct 17, 2021

We spent the past few months digging into the history of the blockchain to rediscover the EverDragons. Here’s the full article, which I’m resuming today as I received a surprise notification: we won 4th place at the Gaming Metaverse Writing Contest! A big thank you to Hackernoon editors and the Sandbox team for organizing.

The EverDragons are the first example of cross-chain NFTs (Ethereum, POA, Tron) and among the first to introduce games with NFTs. They are an incredible piece of history and technology and we’re committed to making them even better. We’re really close to announce our master plan and the EverDragons2, the new collectibles built from the original artwork and in close collaboration with the founding team.

As a group of nerds, passionate about any facet of technology, this prize comes both as a surprise and as a fascinating opportunity. What is this Sandbox Metaverse? How does it work? What secrets does it hide? And most importantly… are the EverDragons2 hiding in a metacorner somewhere? We don’t know yet, we’ll keep digging as we always do and keep you posted.

If you’re intrigued as we are about the fringes of blockchain technology and NFTs, join our community and the discussion on where to bring the EverDragons2!

Emanuele Cesena

Forging the Everdragons2 NFT. Former security at Pinterest.